All 802.1 Maintenance Items

Number Status Submitted Standard Clause Subject Draft with fix
0362 Received 2023-05-18 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 11.2.17, 11.2.19, 11.2.20 IEEE 802.1AS REVISION REQUEST on Invoking the MDpDelay SMs w/o CMLDS Show
0361 Complete then Ballot 2023-04-06 IEEE 802.1AS-2020 10.4 Add a managed object to control the use of signal Show
0360 Complete then Ballot 2023-03-27 802.1AS 10.7.3 syncReceiptTimeout and announceReceiptTimeout need range specified Show
Withdrawn 2023-01-18 IEEE Std 802.1Q-2022 46.2.2 StreamID consistency between Data-Transport and Configuration Show
Withdrawn 2023-01-18 IEEE Std 802.1Q-2022 46.2.2 StreamID correlation of req-resp insufficient Show
0355 Balloting 2023-01-10 IEEE Std 802.1CS-2020 C2.2 Decoding issues with LRP TCP Discovery TLV Show
Withdrawn 2023-01-10 IEEE P802.1Q-2022 46.2.2 Clarify the difference responsible entities in the Request Response message exchange for Fully Centralized w.r.t. other models Show
0353 Complete then Ballot 2023-01-03 802.1X-2020 14.5.2 update to yang 1.1 so "when" statements in augments can use derived-from-or-self Show
0352 Complete then Ballot 2022-12-22 802.1AEdk 23.11.2 "when" statements in augments should use derived-from-or-self Show
0351 Balloting 2022-11-15 802.1CS-2020 12.6 802.1CS-2020 YANG is not attached and does not validate Show