15 Sep 2020 Concall Meeting

Location: WebEx Minutes
Number Status Submitted Standard Clause Subject Draft
0270 Complete then Ballot 2020-07-07 802.1Q-2018 48 Missing transmission selection algorithm configuration management Q-Rev/D0.5 Show
0282 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1Q-2018 4 Replace "Company Identifier" with "Company ID" Q-Rev/D0.5 Show
0278 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 5.4.2 Inconsistent Clause 5 and PICS with respect to state machines ASdm/d0.5 Show
0283 Complete then Ballot 2020-09-15 802.1AS-2020 1 Choose appropriate “domain number” or “domainNumber” ASdm/d0.5 Show
0279 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 5.4.1 externalPortConfiguration should be externalPortConfigurationEnabled ASdm/d0.2 Show
0281 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 10 “Delay_Req” should be “Pdelay_Req” ASdm/d0.2 Show
0280 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 15 time-aware should be PTP ASdm/d?.? Show
Published 2020-08-11 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 5.4.1 BMCA conformance requirements of 5.4.1 AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show
Published 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 A.7 Incorrect reference in PICs item MINTA-16 of A.7 AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show
Published 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 5.5 Missing support of the Common Mean Link Delay Service (CMLDS) AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show