Minutes for 0007: incorrect operPointToPointMAC references

Standard: 802.1Q/D1.5 Clause: 10.6 Draft with fix: 802.1Qbg-d2-2 Status: Published
Submitter: Craig Gunther Date: 2011-08-01 Rationale: operPointToPointMAC (defined in clause 6.6.3) is referenced several time...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2011-09-14 Sep 2011 Interim We should just fix this in any amendment to Q, this could be done in aq or Qbg. It would be better to have a TG chair submit a comment against Qbg to get it fixed – do it now rather than wait for another draft. Action: Paul to submit late Qbg comments. Move to balloting phase. The comments have been added to Qbg and addressed as part of the ballot resolution coming out of the Nanjing interim. Move to Balloting state Balloting
2011-11-08 Nov 2011 Plenary Qbg is still in working group recirculation ballot, but the comment has been address in the last phase. Balloting
2012-01-11 Jan 2012 Interim No comments, but Qbg running another re-circ Balloting
2012-03-06 Mar 2012 Plenary No comments against this in Qbg in recirc. Expected to close Balloting
2012-07-17 Jul 2012 Plenary Qbg was published Published