Review 802.1 Maintenance Items

Number Status Submitted Standard Clause Subject Draft with fix
0170 Ready for Ballot 2016-05-16 802.1BA-2011 7.3.5 References to other standards in 802.1BA-2011 BA-Rev/d1.0 Show
0174 Complete then Ballot 2016-11-08 802.1AC-2016 2 802.1AC: IEEE 802.17 has been withdrawn Show
0237 Complete then Ballot 2019-08-16 IEEE Std 802-2014 8.2.2 802.1 Maintenance request: IEEE Std 802 802f/d0.4 Show
0242 Technical experts review 2019-09-16 IEEE Std 802.1Qcp-2018 48 IEEE Std 802.1Qcp-2018: Collected issues on data consistency and others Show
0248 Technical experts review 2019-11-12 IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 12.26 Managed objects for ECP in 802.1Q-2018 Show
0263 Complete then Ballot 2020-04-14 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020; 802.1AS-2020: Number of TLVs in one Signaling message and TLV lengths shown in table 10-13 ASdm/d0.2 Show
0270 Complete then Ballot 2020-07-07 802.1Q-2018 48 Missing transmission selection algorithm configuration management Q-Rev/D0.5 Show
0275 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 5.4.1 BMCA conformance requirements of 5.4.1 AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show
0276 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 A.7 Incorrect reference in PICs item MINTA-16 of A.7 AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show
0277 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 5.5 Missing support of the Common Mean Link Delay Service (CMLDS) AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show