Minutes for 0011: No recommended priority to traffic class mappings for credit-based shaper in table 8-4

Standard: 802.1Q-2011 Clause: I.5 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-cor-2-d2-0 Status: Published
Submitter: Christian Boiger Date: 2011-09-14 Rationale: Table 8-4 does not show "a set of recommended priority to traffic class ...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2011-11-08 Nov 2011 Plenary Normative text is correct in 34, but if someone was looking at the non-normative text this could cause a problem. The group felt this problem was significant enough to justify a corrigendum project. The editor believes the corrigendum can be done quickly. The corrigendum PAR would be written to identify the technical change and then bundle in known typos which are potentially maintenance items (0012, 0013, 0015, 0017). It is possible to raise this PAR during this meeting. Ready for Ballot
2012-01-11 Jan 2012 Interim Some related comments about the description of the table in initial TG ballot that needs discussion – propose accepting the comment #9 from Pat Thaler. Don Fedyk also points out an issue with the relation to table I-1 in comment #22. Propose putting in a note before table I-4. We could remove table I-1 all together, or simply state that it is an example and keep a note in-front of I-4 that indicates it is not applicable. Removing I-1 could be more intrusive. Balloting
2012-03-06 Mar 2012 Plenary Updated in Q-Cor-2-d0-1 to match previous meeting consensus Balloting
2012-07-17 Jul 2012 Plenary Q-Cor-2-d2-0 in sponsor ballot Balloting
2012-09-12 Sep 2012 Interim Q-Cor2 submitted to RevCom Balloting
2012-11-13 Nov 2012 Planery Q-Cor2 approved by SASB Approved
2013-01-15 Jan 2013 Interim Q-Cor2 was published November 2012 Published