Minutes for 0025: Table for learned B-MAC addresses in PIP

Standard: 802.1Q-2011 Clause: 6.10 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-cor-2-d2-0 Submitted: 2012-02-06
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2012-03-14 Mar 2012 Plenary How the connection_identifier value is used to obtain the B-MAC address is really implementation specific. There was a specific comment during the development of this to make sure the connection_identifier was an indirect reference to the actual MAC address and not explicit. This also allows the connection_identifier to contain other values for other port types (e.g. Port Extension). There was and is a strong desire to NOT have a learning/ageing function for this capability, so no additional table is required. Given this, we really don’t have a problem here, but a clarification could be helpful and two proposals are on the table; Make the connection_identifier explicitly a MAC address for CBPs or insert a note that indicates this is implementation specific and in the case of a 1:1 mapping does not require any learning/ageing and can be stored in the existing FDB. Add the following note just before the beginning of 6.10.1: Note -- There is a 1:1 relationship between a given value of the connection_identifier and a backbone MAC address. This level of indirection is provided to allow the use of the connection_identifier parameter for other purposes by other types of Bridge Ports. The relationship between a given connection_identifier value and a backbone MAC address is maintained as long any FDB entry contains this value for the connection_identifier. No ageing mechanism other than that specified for Dynamic FDB entries is implied. Ready for Ballot
2012-07-17 Jul 2012 Plenary Q-Cor-2-d2-0 in sponsor ballot Balloting
2012-09-12 Sep 2012 Interim Q-Cor2 submitted to RevCom Balloting
2012-11-13 Nov 2012 Planery Q-Cor2 approved by SASB Approved
2013-01-15 Jan 2013 Interim Q-Cor2 was published November 2012 Published