Minutes for 0036: MEPactive is administrative status

Standard: 802.1Q-2011 Clause: 20.9.1 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-REV Submitted: 2012-06-21
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Date Meeting Text Status
2012-07-17 Jul 2012 Plenary This needs to be studied. When can the operational state differ from the administative state? If these are significant then separate obejcts may be needed. If so, this would be targeted for 802.1Q revision Received
2012-09-12 Sep 2012 Interim MEPactive regulates all of the MEP state machines in parallel with BEGIN. There is not much opportunity for foul ups that would make an operational and an administrative pair for MEP active that would not be visible from the ieee8021CfmConfigErrorListTable. The MEPactive variable controls all of the MEP state machines by holding them in the reset condition. The current description is adequate to convey the meaning of the variable. It does not appear that the suggested text has a significantly different meaning than the current text of 20.9.1 or the dot1agCfmMepActive MIB object. Agree to add a note explaining why an Operational state is not needed. Norm Finn will draft text -- Include in Q-REV Complete then Ballot
2012-11-13 Nov 2012 Planery Add a note to end of 20.9.1 explaining why an Operational state is not needed. NOTE--MEPactive controls the BEGIN input to the MEP state machines. Therefore, for any MEP that has been completely configured, it is as much an indication of the operative state of the MEP as a control over that state. Include in Q-REV Ready for Ballot
2013-01-15 Jan 2013 Interim Editor requested to include in 802.1Q-REV Ready for Ballot
2013-03-19 Mar 2013 Plenary Q-REV draft prepared. Ready for WG ballot Ready for Ballot
2013-05-15 May 2013 Interim Included in 802.1Q-REV D1.0, in ballot Balloting
2013-07-15 Jul 2013 Plenary 802.1Q-REV D1.2 is balloting Balloting
2013-09-03 Sep 2013 Interim 802.1Q-REV is in WG ballot recirc Balloting
2013-11-12 Nov 2013 Plenary 802.1Q-REV is in WG ballot recirc Balloting
2014-01-22 Jan 2014 Plenary 802.1Q-REV is in sponsor ballot Balloting