Minutes for 0038: user_priority -> priority

Standard: 802.1Q-2011 Clause: 6 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-2014 Status: Published
Submitter: Ben Mack-Crane Date: 2012-06-21 Rationale: In reviewing 802.1AC some editorial issues were noted in text that is al...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2012-07-17 Jul 2012 Plenary Not discussed yet. Target for Q-rev if needed Received
2012-09-12 Sep 2012 Interim The intent is that 6.1 and 6.7 will be removed from 802.1Q as part of the alignment with 802.1AC, so only the additional instances will need to be changed to “user priority” Target for 802.1Q revision Complete then Ballot
2012-11-13 Nov 2012 Planery Target for 802.1Q-REV Ready for Ballot
2013-01-15 Jan 2013 Interim Editor requested to include in 802.1Q-REV Ready for Ballot
2013-03-19 Mar 2013 Plenary Q-REV draft prepared. Ready for WG ballot Ready for Ballot
2013-05-15 May 2013 Interim Included in 802.1Q-REV D1.0, in ballot Balloting
2013-07-15 Jul 2013 Plenary 802.1Q-REV D1.2 is balloting Balloting
2013-09-03 Sep 2013 Interim 802.1Q-REV is in WG ballot recirc Balloting
2013-11-12 Nov 2013 Plenary 802.1Q-REV is in WG ballot recirc Balloting
2014-01-22 Jan 2014 Plenary 802.1Q-REV is in sponsor ballot Balloting