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Standard: 802.1AS-2011 Clause: Draft with fix: Status: Rejected
Submitter: Paul Woods Date: 2012-11-01 Rationale: There are inconsistencies between this section and 14.6.10 and...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2012-11-13 Nov 2012 Planery It is agreed there is confusion because the managed object and internal variable have the same name, while the former is a scaled version of the latter. Should we change the name of the managed object to 'scaledNeighborRateRatio'?  Note that we would then have to change the name of the corresponding MIB object. Reject Rejected
2013-01-15 Jan 2013 Interim 802.1AS-Cor1 is in WG ballot Rejected
2013-03-19 Mar 2013 Plenary AS-Cor-1 is in sponsor ballot Rejected
2013-05-15 May 2013 Interim AS-Cor-1 D3.1 to be submitted to RevCom Rejected
2013-07-15 Jul 2013 Plenary AS-Cor-1 D3.1 to be submitted to RevCom Rejected
2013-09-03 Sep 2013 Interim AS-Cor-1 D3.1 approved by RevCom/SASB, to be published shortly Rejected
2013-11-12 Nov 2013 Plenary 802.1AS-Cor1 was published on Sept 10, 2013 Rejected