Minutes for 0162: Writeability of certain 802.1AE-2006 MIB variables

Standard: 802.1AE-2006 Clause: Draft with fix: 802.1AEcg Status: Published
Submitter: Raphael Garti Date: 2015-05-12 Rationale: Confidentiality offset is set per cipher suite in secyCipherSuiteProtect...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2015-05-19 May 2015 Interim Refer to Security TG Technical experts review
2015-07-14 Jul 2015 Plenary No update. Technical experts review
2016-01-19 Jan 2016 Interim Text for review contained in draft of 802.1AEcg. Ready for Ballot
2016-05-24 May 2016 Interim secyCipherSuiteProtectionOffset has been deprecated in P802.1AEcg D1.1 (passed WG ballot, no further comment on this issue at WG ballot), so there is no longer a possibility of protection offset setting conflict between the SecY MIB (in .1AE) and the .1X MIB so far as current objects are concerned. Note: It is not possible to simply change an existing object, or to remove it from the MIB. Deprecation is the appropriate step. Note further: The confidentiality offset was introduced in .1AE-2006 to facilitate early deployment, and the XPN Cipher Suites (.1AEbw-2013) do not support Confidentiality Offset. Balloting
2017-03-15 Mar 2017 Plenary 802.1AEcg-2017 is approved. Approved
2017-05-16 May 2017 Interim 802.1AEcg is published on May 19th, 2017. Published