Minutes for 0163: Multiple aggregators and IPL failure

Standard: 802.1AX-2014 Clause: Draft with fix: 802.1AX-2014/Cor-1 Status: Published
Submitter: Stephen Haddock Date: 2015-05-18 Rationale: When a DRNI portal is created, it is critical for the LACP partner of t...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2015-05-19 May 2015 Interim Agreed. Urgent issue will require a corrigendum. Complete then Ballot
2015-07-14 Jul 2015 Plenary Corrigendum PAR to be opened this week. Ready for Ballot
2015-09-09 Sep 2015 Interim Multiple aggregators and IPL failure – included in 802.1AX-2014-Cor1 Ready for Ballot
2015-11-10 Nov 2015 Plenary Included in 802.1AX-2014-Cor1. Ballotting. Balloting
2017-03-15 Mar 2017 Plenary 802.1AX-2014/Cor1-2017 is approved. Approved
2017-05-16 May 2017 Interim 802.1AX-2014/Cor-1 is published. Published