Minutes for 0183: CFM OpCodes

Standard: 802.1Q Clause: 21.4.3 Draft with fix: Status: Published
Submitter: Glenn Parsons Date: 2017-05-17 Rationale: RFC 7319 indicates that IETF has CFM opcodes assigned from IEEE 802.1. ...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2017-06-24 27 Jun 2017 Concall Received
2017-07-11 Jul 2017 Plenary Add rows to tables 21-3 and 21-5 as follows: "Reserved for IETF (RFC 7319) - 64-95". Add note in both sections stating "The organisations listed may delegate parts of their assigned code space to other organisations. For example, ITU-T has allocated code points to MEF." Ready for Ballot
2017-11-07 Nov 2017 Plenary A comment has been made on the 802.1Q-Rev Sponsor ballot to fix this. Ready for Ballot
2018-01-23 Jan 2018 Interim Ballotting in 802.1Q-Rev/D2.1 Balloting
2018-05-22 May 2018 Interim Fixed in 802.1Q-2018 Approved
2018-07-06 Jul 2018 Plenary Published Published