Minutes for 0230: 802.1Qcp-2018 maintenance: Incorrect traffic-class-table-grouping

Standard: 802.1Qcp-2018 Clause: Draft with fix: 802.1Qcw/D1.1 Status: Approved
Submitter: Rodney Cummings Date: 2019-06-06 Rationale: The nodes for traffic-class-table-grouping (page 52) use an incorrect in...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2019-06-10 Jul 2019 Plenary Received Received
2019-07-16 Jul 2019 Plenary The group discussion is to ask Qcw to make the changes and accept the proposals in principle with the following changes. For item 1, make the YANG object read-only, not read-write. For item 2, reference the read-only variable. For item 3, accept as is. For item 4, obsolete the object, not just deprecate. Also, add the suggested MUST statement that prevents the specification of a traffic class that is larger than the number of queues. Technical experts review
2020-01-21 20 Jan 2020 Interim Ballot comment against Qcw was made. TG chair to follow-up with requestor and editor to confirm inclusion in the next draft Complete then Ballot
2020-05-19 21 May 2020 Interim Included in Qcw/D1.1 Balloting
2023-10-17 17 Oct 2023 Concall P802.1Qcw/D2.2 is in pre-publication. Approved