Minutes for 0237: 802.1 Maintenance request: IEEE Std 802

Standard: IEEE Std 802-2014 Clause: 8.2.2 Draft with fix: 802f/d0.4 Submitted: 2019-08-16
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Date Meeting Text Status
2019-08-20 3 Sep 2019 Concall Received Received
2019-09-03 3 Sep 2019 Concall The text appears to be wrong and the proposed resolution appears to be correct. There is no definition of the least significant nibble, but one would assume that it would include the least significant bit. So, to fix the issue we have two choices; take the proposed resolution and add a clarifying sentence that indicates the most significant nibble contains the most significant bit; or remove the use of the term nibble entirely and only discuss the solution from the perspective of the most significant bit. Geoff will search other standards for the use of nibble and if used, we should consider the first option. Technical experts review
2019-09-17 Sep 2019 Interim The actual text is just before Figure 11, not before Figure 10. It is on page 24 of 802-2014. The proposed resolution is acceptable . NOTE: the original request has been updated to properly reference the text. Complete then Ballot