Minutes for 0254: 802.1Q-2018 5.4 VLAN Bridge Component Requirements item p)

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Q Clause: 5.4 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-Rev/D0.2 Submitted: 2020-01-24
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-02-24 10 Mar 2020 Concall Received Received
2020-03-10 10 Mar 2020 Concall The cross reference is clearly wrong, but there was some discussion as to whether the suggested new list of cross references is the best list. An offline review of the suggested references will be made and then a vehicle for making the fix will be selected. Technical experts review
2020-05-21 21 May 2020 Interim After further review with the group, it was agreed that only a reference to 8.8 is needed for this conformance item. So, update the reference to 8.8. This item can be handled by Qcz since it is still early in the WG ballot phase. Complete then Ballot
2020-09-22 22 Sep 2020 Interim The proposed change has been included in Q-Rev/D0.2 Balloting
2023-03-13 13 Mar 2023 Plenary 802.1Q-2022 was published 2022-12-22 Published