Minutes for 0264: Erronous xpath statements

Standard: 802.1Qcp-2018 Clause: Draft with fix: 802.1Qcw/D1.2 Status: Approved
Submitter: Don Fedyk Date: 2020-05-05 Rationale: Two issues. ieee802-dot1q-bridge.yang and ieee802-dot1q-pb.yang have ...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-05-05 12 May 2020 Concall Received Received
2020-05-21 21 May 2020 Interim Several options to resolve the issue are proposed in the following contribution: http://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2020/maint-fedyk-item-0264-0520-v01.pdf. The group agrees that option 1 is the best path forward. However, the actual changes to the YANG modules are several and not fully described in the proposed remedy. Specific and comprehensive changes to the YANG needs to be documented for this item to get assigned to an editor. Technical experts review
2020-05-22 21 May 2020 Interim The specific changes to the YANG modules are provided by the following contribution: http://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2020/maint-fedyk-item-0264-yang-changes-0520-v01.zip. The archive contains the files to show the necessary changes to the yang modules proposing to resolve this item. Note these are Yang 1.0 files so the mandatory statement in the augment is not supported. The statement has been included where it goes with a yang 1.1 comment. Archive contains: ieee802-dot1q-bridge.zip ieee802-dot1q-bridge.yang ieee802-dot1q-pb.yang ieee802-dot1q-pb.tree ieee802-dot1q-bridge.tree pb-diff.txt bridge-diff.txt readme.txt The yang files are directly from the github repo with the applied changes. The diffs of these files and the original are provided. This has been validated with Pyang 2.2.1 Since Qcw has the bridge module open, it may make most sense to resolve this with Qcw. Complete then Ballot
2020-09-22 22 Sep 2020 Interim Changes appear to have been made to Qcw/D1.2. Balloting
2023-10-17 17 Oct 2023 Concall P802.1Qcw/D2.2 is in pre-publication. Approved