Minutes for 0272: Misuse of the word, "default" in 802.1Q-2018 clause 34.5

Standard: 802.1Q-2018 Clause: 34.5 Draft with fix: 802.1Q-Rev/D0.4 Submitted: 2020-07-14
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-07-14 14 Jul 2020 Plenary Received Received
2020-09-15 15 Sep 2020 Concall The proposed changes are to be submitted as a ballot comment against Q-Rev/D0.2 Technical experts review
2020-09-29 22 Sep 2020 Interim Ballot comment submitted Complete then Ballot
2021-04-27 4 May 2021 Interim Included in Q-Rev/D0.4 Balloting