Minutes for 0274: 802.1CB-2017 10.9 Operational per-port FRER counters

Standard: 802.1CB-2017 Clause: 10.9 Draft with fix: Submitted: 2020-07-31
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-08-31 15 Sep 2020 Concall Received Received
2020-09-15 15 Sep 2020 Concall As discussed in the call, the proposed change is agreed. It has the benefit of reducing the number of counters. The editor of Cbdb will include this change in the next draft. Confirm with the original CB editor the change is appropriate. Technical experts review
2020-09-22 22 Sep 2020 Interim The proposed fix was not available in time for the first WG ballot of CBdb, so a ballot comments needs to be made against CBdb/D1.0 to get it included in the next draft Technical experts review
2020-09-29 22 Sep 2020 Interim Submitted ballot comment on D1.0 Complete then Ballot
2021-01-15 19 Jan 2021 Interim Fix included in D1.1 Balloting