Minutes for 0301: ieee8021QBridgeStaticUnicastReceivePort and ieee8021QBridgeStaticMulticastReceivePort

Standard: IEEE 802.1Q-2018 Clause: 17.7.4 Draft with fix: Qcw/d2.0 Status: Withdrawn
Submitter: Norman Finn Date: 2020-11-05 Rationale: There are two objects in the MIB, ieee8021QBridgeStaticUnicastReceivePor...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-11-08 4 Nov 2020 Plenary Received Received
2020-12-02 2 Dec 2020 Concall After discussion it was agreed that option 2 is the preferred approach. Discuss with editor of Qcw to include this with other changes to the MIB module. Complete then Ballot
2023-05-16 16 May 2023 Interim Change has been added to Qcw/d2.0 Balloting
2023-10-17 7 Nov 2023 Concall Rationale for removal as suggested in the submitted comment should be provided first. We can then revisit whether option 2 makes sense. Technical experts review
2023-11-14 14 Nov 2023 Plenary This was approved but didn't get into a draft. The commenter withdraws this. Withdrawn