Minutes for 0306: Add "derived-from-or-self" to the IEEE 802.1Q bridge YANG for compatibility with interfaces derived from ethernetCsmacd

Standard: 802.1Qcp-2018 Clause: Draft with fix: Q-Rev/D0.5 Status: Published
Submitter: William Zhao Date: 2020-12-08 Rationale: The IEEE 802.3 YANG module (ieee802-ethernet-interface.yang) allows the ...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-12-09 16 Dec 2020 Concall Received Received
2020-12-16 16 Dec 2020 Concall The proposed solution has been updated for some syntax issues, but would still benefit from a technical review and discussion in YANGsters. There is some need to have this included sooner than later, so perhaps consider for Q-Rev or Qcw once technically reviewed. Some question whether the derived-from-or-self statement should be applied to the other ianaif types in the proposed solution. Technical experts review
2021-02-16 16 Feb 2021 Concall After review with YANG doctors and YANGsters it was agreed that the proposed solution should include the derive-from statement on all leafs in this object. The new change should be: augment "/if:interfaces/if:interface" { when "derived-from-or-self(if:type,'ianaif:bridge') or "+ "derived-from-or-self(if:type,'ianaif:ethernetCsmacd') or "+ "derived-from-or-self(if:type,'ianaif:ieee8023adLag') or "+ "derived-from-or-self(if:type,'ianaif:ilan')" { This can/should be included as a comment against Q-Rev in the next ballot Technical experts review
2021-05-07 4 May 2021 Interim The changes have been made to the YANG for Q-Rev/d0.5 or whatever the next draft will be called. Complete then Ballot
2023-03-13 13 Mar 2023 Plenary 802.1Q-2022 was published 2022-12-22 Published