Minutes for 0311: 802.1Q: Resolution of stream filters with wildcard stream_handle specification

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 and IEEE Std 802.1Qcr-2020 Clause: Draft with fix: Status: Rejected
Submitter: Johannes Specht Date: 2021-02-22 Rationale: Stream filters with wildcard stream_handle specification and a non-wildc...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2021-03-12 9 Mar 2021 Plenary A preliminary discussion was held at the Maintenace TG call and it was agreed that more investigation is needed. This maintenance request is quite complex and depending upon the option, the fix may be in 802.1Q or 802.1CB. Technical experts review
2021-05-07 4 May 2021 Interim It was agreed to request time on a TSN call to discuss this particular item with experts in the domain Technical experts review
2021-06-22 22 Jun 2021 Concall Scheduled to review in TSN with experts Technical experts review
2021-07-16 12 Jul 2021 Plenary The discussion pointed out that it is possible to address the issue using Mask and Match capability along with a second stream filter for untagged traffic (e.g. use two filters). However, there is concern that requiring Mask and Match may be burdensome for certain implementations and it may be advantageous to make a change in 802.1CB to one of the basic stream filters by adding optional examination parameter. The preference in the group seems to be to make a change to 802.1CB to solve this problem rather than change 802.1Q. The group agrees a solution is desired, but there is some question whether this is a bug or enhancement request. A note in 802.1Q-2018 page 195 Note 2 implies this capability was expected, initial development of stream filters in 802.1Q intended them to be per-port, but this was changed later. This implies the issue is a bug, so processing this as a maintenance request is appropriate. The next vehicle for this is likely during SA ballot for CBcv and/or CBdb. The editors of those documents would prefer a complete solution, well documented, so it can easily be included during SA ballot. The group agreed to the following solution and actions: 1. Add optional wildcarding to of IEEE Std 802.1CB. 2. Add warning to the aforementioned that full wildcarding is only useful for Qci. 3. Add a warning in IEEE Std 802.1Q to that wildcarded stream_handle with non-wildcarded priority matches frames from any port. Final proposed text to be developed within Maintenance and offline. Technical experts review
2021-07-29 29 Jul 2021 Concall Both CBcv and CBdb are in SA ballot and plan to close on Aug 25, 2021. Specific text for CB still needs to be developed and included in the maintenance minutes so someone can submit an SA ballot comment to resolve this issue. The proposed resolution requires changes to both 802.1CB and 802.1Q, so a new maintenance item needs to be created to track this. This issue will be discussed at the next planned maintenance electronic meeting on Aug 11th. Technical experts review
2021-08-11 11 Aug 2021 Concall An initial proposal for text in considered adding the following sentence which is consistent with other wildcarded variables in this section, "A value of 0 indicates that the destination_address parameter is ignored on EISS indication primitives." However, the issue with the above is that 0 may be a valid value for destination_address across the EISS. This is unknown. Alternative approach is to define a new value for the variable that is non-numeric and represents 'all'. The alternative proposed text is, "tsnCpeNullDownDescMac can support an addition optional value of all. A value of all indicates that the destination_address field of the EISS indication primitive is not evaluated. NOTE Use of the optional value all is not intended for use in this standard. However, use of value all can be used for stream identification beyond this standard (e.g., for per-Stream filtering and policing, as specified in IEEE Std 802.1Q)." The group agreed to research the value of 0 with others in IEEE 802 via email. Technical experts review
2021-09-07 7 Sep 2021 Concall The relevant proposed text from the previous discussion has been moved to maintenance request 0333. It was noted the end of the Note1 in is incorrect and consideration of an appropriate reference to 802.1CB could be considered. The note currently reads, "NOTE 1—The use of stream_handle and priority, along with the wild-carding rules previously stated, allow configuration possibilities that go beyond the selection of individual streams, for example, per-priority filtering and policing, or per-priority per-reception Port filtering and policing can be configured using these rules." Technical experts review
2022-01-04 17 Jan 2022 Interim Still planning to get on TSN agenda to discuss the options. Need to make the decision of whether this is an enhancement request or a bug that needs fixing. Some discussion about this being new functionality for 802.1CB and best for a future ammendement/revision Technical experts review
2022-03-11 7 Mar 2022 Plenary The conclusion is that this request represents an enhancement request to 802.1CB and 802.1Q. New functionality needs to be added and therefor it is appropriate for a future amendment or revision and needs to be put in scope of that project. Rejected