Minutes for 0309: Preemption in 802.1Q

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 plus amendments Clause: 6.7.1 Draft with fix: Status: Approved
Submitter: Johannes Specht Date: 2021-02-22 Rationale: The NOTE in this clause must be implemented to remain true.
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Date Meeting Text Status
2021-03-12 9 Mar 2021 Plenary As discussed in the Maintenance TG meeting. We first need to add the text to 802.1AC and then we can remove the text from here. There currently isn't a vehicle for 802.1AC, so these could sit in this state for awhile Technical experts review
2021-05-07 4 May 2021 Interim No change. This issues is blocked by 0310 which is waiting for 802.1AC to be open for maintenance items Technical experts review
2023-11-14 14 Nov 2023 Plenary To be potentially implemented in P802.1ACea which is up for EC approval in this plenary. If implemented in P802.1ACea and published, then update 802.1Q. Approved