Minutes for 0314: network media and PHY

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Qcc-2018 Clause: various Draft with fix: Submitted: 2021-03-04
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Date Meeting Text Status
2021-05-07 4 May 2021 Interim It was recommended to reference a specific reference point within other standards (e.g. 802.3) for the point between the medium and the PHY. It was agreed that the use of PHY is problematic, but not clear solution was found just yet. The discussion was limited due to time constraints. Technical experts review
2021-06-22 22 Jun 2021 Concall Lots of discussion on the topic. It was agreed that the best solution would involve defining a reference point in 802.1AC and have each MAC then specify how to identify it. Then 802.1Q would use the 802.1AC reference point where appropriate. It was agreed to begin the next step by informally discussing with 802.3 and 802.11 how to identify such a reference point. Technical experts review