Minutes for 0315: Clarification on null-value

Standard: IEEE 802.1CB Clause: 6.2 Draft with fix: Status: Complete then Ballot
Submitter: Marina Gutierrez Date: 2021-04-12 Rationale: Clause 6.2, item a.2 states that frames that are not identified by a str...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2021-06-15 15 Jun 2021 Concall As discussed the intention is that the stream_handle and sequence number are not provided if there is no match. The stream_handle is an internal value that is not exchanged externally so there is no need to define an explicit value for it. The sequence_number is sent externally and a value of 0 is valid. The proposal is to change the text to indicate the intention and avoid the use of 'null value'. Consider changing "null" to "no". Could be added to CBdb amendment during SA ballot or it would have to wait for a future amendment. Complete then Ballot
2022-03-08 7 Mar 2022 Plenary The change did not make it into SA ballot of P802.1CBdb, so this must be left for a future revision/amendment of 802.1CB Complete then Ballot