Minutes for 0333: Wildcard support for tsnCpeNullDownDestMac

Standard: 802.1CB-2017 Clause: Draft with fix: Status: Rejected
Submitter: Paul Congdon Date: 2021-08-12 Rationale: This maintenance request is a fork of request 0311 to register the reque...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2021-09-07 7 Sep 2021 Concall Proposed text from 0311 is, "tsnCpeNullDownDescMac can support an addition optional value of all. A value of all indicates that the destination_address field of the EISS indication primitive is not evaluated. NOTE Use of the optional value all is not intended for use in this standard. However, use of value all can be used for stream identification beyond this standard (e.g., for per-Stream filtering and policing, as specified in IEEE Std 802.1Q)." Technical experts review
2021-09-24 20 Sep 2021 Interim Too late for CBdb or CBcv ballots. Some discussion about creating a new boolean variable that indicates a wildcard. It was agreed that no numeric value for destination_address can be used to identify a wildcard. If the implementation of destination_address in the MIBs/YANG as 48-bits, there isn't a way to add another designation for another value 'all'. The issue is complex enough that we need to consolidate a new contribution to bring everyone up to speed. Also the initial request should be updated to better describe the problem and possible solution space. It would be preferred to discuss this in TSN given there are two involved standards and the issue is complex. Lots of discussion occurred as to whether there is a solution to the problem at all. Fixing this in CB may not be the appropriate solution. A change to CB to support this would be incompatible with PSFP. Technical experts review
2022-01-04 17 Jan 2022 Interim Still planning to get on TSN agenda to discuss the options. Need to make the decision of whether this is an enhancement request or a bug that needs fixing. Some discussion about this being new functionality for 802.1CB and best for a future amendment/revision Technical experts review
2022-03-11 7 Mar 2022 Plenary The conclusion is that this request represents an enhancement request to 802.1CB and 802.1Q. New functionality needs to be added and therefor it is appropriate for a future amendment or revision and needs to be put in scope of that project. Rejected