Minutes for 0343: Handling of stream_handle in Active Stream Identification

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1CB-2017 Clause: 6.6 Draft with fix: Status: Complete then Ballot
Submitter: Max Turner Date: 2022-08-16 Rationale: All the passive stream identification functions (6.4, 6.5, 6.7, 6.8) hav...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2022-09-13 13 Sep 2022 Interim There was no specific recollection as to why the statement about discarding the stream_handle was not present in the active stream filter. It is necessary to review the history of the drafts to see if previous ballot comments can shed light on why the current text is as it is. A quick review of early 802.1CB drafts showed that draft 2.6 included the text about discarding the stream_handle for two of the cases. More investigation is required. Technical experts review
2022-10-10 11 Oct 2022 Concall Follow-up email discussion provided the following background: https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=STDS-802-1-MAINT-REQ;7613aad8.22 https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=STDS-802-1-MAINT-REQ;481baea8.22 including: Followup comment. I remember, now, that the "discard" phrase was added to all others to make it clear that they didn't care about stream_identifier. In retrospect, "ignore" might have been a better verm than "discard". They all pass the stream_identifier down the stack. 6.6 Active Destination MAC and VLAN Stream identification does not discard the stream_identifier because, when it is operating down the stack, the stream_identifier determines what translation is to be performed. That is, stream_identifier is an input to the shim. It's the only active identifier, so it's the only one that does not discard stream_identifier. from Max Turner: Does that mean the active stream Identification (6.6) is intended to be used IN facing only, combined with an OUT facing passive identification to assign that input stream_handle? I would argue if active stream identification is applied OUT facing, no further use of the stream_handle is available. Technical experts review
2022-10-11 11 Oct 2022 Concall Max Turner provided the following contribution: https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2022/cb-turner-maint0343-1022-v01.pdf. The contribution highlights a considerable issue with the integration of CB into the 'baggy pants' of 802.1Q. It appears that the stream_handle parameter can not be passed up the stack to the 802.1Q relay as expected by PSFP, ATS and CI. So, technically speaking, with respect to this maintenance request, and and all stream filters can 'discard' the stream_handle because it doesn't pass across the internal LAN as shown on slide 4 of the contribution. The fact that the stream_handle isn't passed to relay is a more significant problem. It was agreed to expand the scope of this maintenance request rather than create a new one and address the issue. A couple of solutions were discussed including replicating the out-facing function under relay and regenerating the stream_handle, defining a new out-facing function that is separate from the existing out-facing function, and defining the internal LAN in a way that allows the stream_handle to be passed. There was some agreement that the last proposal may be the simplest and least intrusive. It as also discussed that if FRER is not supported, the stack can be much simpler and only the in-facing function is needed. In this case, the stream_handle can be passed up the stack assuming the interfaces are defined to support such. It was agreed to make this clear in an updated contribution to discuss in November. Finally, there was discussion as to whether this issue is significant enough to warrant a Corrigendum or simply wait for the next amendment or roll-up revision. No conclusion on this was made, but some felt a Corrigendum is needed. The next steps are for Max Turner to update his contribution based upon the discussion in the TG call and discuss the issue again at the next call. Technical experts review
2023-05-16 16 May 2023 Interim A small team of experts will discuss the proposed changes at the May Interim and update the contribution accordingly. Technical experts review
2023-07-11 11 Jul 2023 Plenary Max has contributed https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2023/CB-turner-StreamHandleMaintID0343-0623-v01.pdf. Technical experts review
2023-09-12 12 Sep 2023 Interim https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2023/CB-turner-StreamHandleMaintID0343-0623-v01.pdf was briefly discussed. There is consensus on items 1 and 2 in this contribution but item 3 needs further review. The editor will do so and we will reopen this. Technical experts review
2024-01-23 23 Jan 2024 Interim P802.1CB-2017/Cor1 is approved as a maintenance PAR for CB, this will be the intended vehicle to resolve this maintenance request. Complete then Ballot