Minutes for 0344: Handling of R-TAG in IP Stream Identification

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1CB-2017 Clause: 6.7 Draft with fix: Status: Complete then Ballot
Submitter: Max Turner Date: 2022-08-18 Rationale: The IP Stream Identification must be able to locate the IP Ethertype (0x...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2022-09-13 13 Sep 2022 Interim There was a discussion as to whether the R-TAG is present when frames pass through the stream filters, but nonetheless, the current text does not describe how to parse a frame to find the IP header. The meeting ended before the request could be further discussed in detail. A subsequent Maintenance TG call will be dedicated to address open maintenance requests prior to the November 2022 Plenary. Technical experts review
2022-10-11 11 Oct 2022 Concall It was agreed that finding the start of the IP header for parsing will depend upon the configuration of the port and what tags may or may not be present. Rather that detail out packet parsing for every scenario, there was preference given to the idea of including a NOTE: describing the situation and expectation for implementations. Norm Finn agreed to propose some text for the note or the sub-clause in general. Technical experts review
2023-02-21 21 Feb 2023 Concall Reviewed contribution https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2022/cb-finn-mainenance-item-0344-1122-v01.pdf. It was agreed that the current proposed text was a little difficult for a typical reader to comprehend. It was suggested that a more general statement that systems may be configured for handle a variety of different tagging schemes beyond the scope of this standard. The statement should NOT be a note, but rather text. It was agreed that we do NOT want to specify all of the different rules for skipping all known tags, and rather point out that systems can add their own value here. It was suggested to avoid the use of the term 'functions' in the proposed text as it is confusion when discussing how the stream identity function functions. It was proposed to generate a new contribution with updated wording the reflect the discussion from the meeting and present this in Atlanta. Technical experts review
2023-05-16 16 May 2023 Interim The TG agreed that sufficient detail is provided in the minutes and contribution for an editor to propose text in a draft for balloting. There is currently no vehicle for this request. Complete then Ballot