Minutes for 0353: update to yang 1.1 so "when" statements in augments can use derived-from-or-self

Standard: 802.1X-2020 Clause: 14.5.2 Draft with fix: Status: Complete then Ballot
Submitter: Don Fedyk Date: 2023-01-03 Rationale: The Broadband forum asked IEEE 802.1 to change the definition of the 802...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2023-02-21 21 Feb 2023 Concall This request is essentially the same issue as 0352, but for the 802.1X module instead of AEdk. Also note, the 802.1X module needs to be updated to support Yang 1.1. See the results and discussion of request 0352 (https://www.802-1.org/items/461) for next steps Technical experts review
2023-05-16 16 May 2023 Interim As discussed within the Security TG and YANGsters, it was agreed to update the when statements as done in other 802.1 YANG modules. There is currently no vehicle by which to make the proposed change. Complete then Ballot