Minutes for 0177: System Capability entry for Small Cells

Standard: 802.1AB-2009 Clause: Draft with fix: Status: Withdrawn
Submitter: Mark Hamilton Date: 2017-01-26 Rationale: Currently, Table 8.4 (and the corresponding MIB object) has an entry for...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2017-03-13 Mar 2017 Plenary The main purpose of the capabilities vector is to point you to the relevant MIB or management interface. Please provide more specific text changes. Technical experts review
2017-05-16 May 2017 Interim Two issues were raised with this request. 1: Is there a reason that small-cells are different from macro-cells - i.e., why do small-cells need their own bit; 2: The other entries in the table are very specific to a particular specification and so we would like a very specific reference for it. Further, would it be possible for the Small Cell Forum to send a liaison to 802.1 on this issue? Norm Finn to contact Mark. Post-meeting note: see http://www.ieee802.org/1/private/email2/msg26098.html Technical experts review
2017-07-11 Jul 2017 Plenary Mark has supplioed a suitable reference but there are concerns regarding the granularity of the identifier and the proposed uses. The proposal is that 802.1 sends a liaison to the Small Cell Forum and 3GPP explaining our concerns and enquiring as to proposed uses. Technical experts review
2018-01-23 Jan 2018 Interim Checking on the status of the liaison. Technical experts review
2018-07-10 Jul 2018 Plenary Email has been sent to Mark Hamilton requesting status of liaison draft letter Technical experts review
2018-09-11 Sep 2018 Interim Submitter has decided to withdraw the maintenance request Withdrawn