Minutes for 0204: maintenance request resulting from comment #179 against 802.1AS-Rev/D6.0

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1AS-2011 Clause: 10.2.12 Draft with fix: P802.1AS-Rev/D7.0 Submitted: 2018-01-23
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Date Meeting Text Status
2018-03-06 Mar 2018 Plenary This is an agreed issue and will be fixed in the next draft of 802.1AS-Rev. Complete then Ballot
2018-05-22 May 2018 Interim This item is addressed in draft 7.0 of 802.1AS-Rev. Balloting
2020-01-30 10 Mar 2020 Concall Approved by the IEEE Standards Board on January 30, 2020 Approved
2020-07-07 7 Jul 2020 Concall IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 officially published Friday, 19 June 2020 Published