Minutes for 0248: Managed objects for ECP in 802.1Q-2018

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 Clause: 12.26 Draft with fix: Status: Balloting
Submitter: Norman Finn Date: 2019-11-12 Rationale: IEEE 802.1CS makes use of the Edge Control Protocol (ECP). This use is ...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2019-11-14 Nov 2019 Plenary The description in the request is not completely accurate. It describes ECP is only being used by 802.1BH, but this is not accurate. The request should be indicating that ECP management is tied-up with EVB (Edge Virtual Bridging). Nonetheless, the issue exists and needs attention, but the request should be modified to be more accurate. Received
2020-01-21 20 Jan 2020 Interim Review how 802.1BH address the issue of the managed objects. There should be specific managed objects for ECP as part of a Q revision. The primary issue is that the users of ECP are wanting to configure the parameters differently and there isn't any means of assuring these are consistent and compatible. The objective of this maintenance item is to raise awareness of the problem. Currently solutions are under investigation. Technical experts review
2020-03-10 10 Mar 2020 Concall A clear proposal needs to be developed offline and a decision as to whether this proposal can be included in Q-Rev needs to be made. The item likely needs specific mention in the scope of the Q-Rev PAR. Next steps are to attempt to generate a proposal offline with individuals familiar with ECP. Technical experts review
2020-05-21 21 May 2020 Interim While this maintenance item is against 802.1Q and the ultimate resolution is still to entertain a contribution showing how to managed ECP independently of the users of ECP, the maintenance item was stimulated by 802.1CS use of ECP. In the discussion a change to 802.1CS has been identified that will make it easier to support this missing functionality in 802.1Q. However, this issue still needs to have a concrete proposal on how to independently managed ECP. Technical experts review
2020-06-18 18 Jun 2020 Concall A contribution by Paul Bottorff was presented with a proposal on how to begin the separation to managed ECP independently of EVB. The contribution is at: http://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2020/maint-bottorff-248-decouple-ECP-from-EVB-0620-v02.pdf. It was agreed that the management experts in the YANGsters group should be consulted to further the discussion. An issue request for YANGsters is to be sent and included on the June 30th YANGsters call. Technical experts review
2020-07-07 7 Jul 2020 Concall An updated contribution by Paul Bottorff was reviewed in YANGsters as well as the Maintenance TG conference call. The contribution is available at: http://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2020/maint-bottorff-248-decouple-ECP-from-EVB-0620-v03.pdf. The group felt that the appropriate vehicle for this is likely P802.1Qdd since it will be the first real user of LRP and ECP in this capacity. The project is an amendment to 802.1Q-2018 so makes the most sense to include these changes. To be discussed with the editor of Qdd. The next steps are to provide more details of specific MIB changes and manageability of the destination address. Technical experts review
2021-02-16 16 Feb 2021 Concall Follow-on discussions with submitter are required. No status change. Technical experts review
2021-05-07 4 May 2021 Interim No update Technical experts review
2021-06-22 22 Jun 2021 Concall No Update Technical experts review
2022-01-04 17 Jan 2022 Interim No Update Technical experts review