Minutes for 0286: List Execute state machine

Standard: 802.1Q-2018 Clause: Draft with fix: Q-Rev/D0.5 Status: Published
Submitter: Marina Gutierrez Date: 2020-10-20 Rationale: The state machine in Figure 8-17 has no defined outcome if OperControlLi...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2020-10-22 29 Oct 2020 Concall Received Received
2020-12-02 2 Dec 2020 Concall There should be two transitions out of NEW_CYCLE. One that goes to END_OF_CYCLE when (OperControlListLength == 0) and the other that goes to EXECUTE_CYCLE when (OperControlListLength != 0). The UTC should be changed to the latter. This should be included in Q-Rev and will require a ballot comment on the SA ballot. Complete then Ballot
2023-03-13 13 Mar 2023 Plenary 802.1Q-2022 was published 2022-12-22 Published