Minutes for 0342: StreamID, StreamID Group, StreamID TLV

Standard: IEEE Std 802.1Q-rev Clause: and Draft with fix: Status: Complete then Ballot
Submitter: Max Turner Date: 2022-07-12 Rationale: Triggered by Comment #46 on P802.1Qdj D0.3 Sections and 46....
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Date Meeting Text Status
2022-09-13 13 Sep 2022 Interim It was agreed that the text is not clear and needs to be updated. No specific proposal was made at this time. The current text was introduced by Qcc. A technical expert review team will discuss and propose new text for a subsequent conference call. Technical experts review
2022-10-11 11 Oct 2022 Concall A historical perspective of the terminology changes introduced in P802.1Qcc was provided. The terms "XXX group" and "XXX element" were used to align the text discussion with the development of the YANG modules. An "XXX group" is a container of multiple "elements" that are the leaves. An "XXX TLV" is intended to describe the entire TLV, including type, length and value - but in many cases the text is only describing the value. It was pointed out that StreamID group and StreamID TLV may only be one case where the proposed changes might be needed. It was agreed that the terminology can be confusing. It was suggested that it may be easier to simply refer to the StreamID as the entire object/structure rather than having to note that it has multiple elements by designating it as a StreamID group. Max Turner agreed to draft proposed text changes and after the meeting provided the following contribution for discussion at a future meeting: https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2022/maint-turner-0342-1022-v01.pdf Technical experts review
2023-02-21 21 Feb 2023 Concall Reviewed contribution https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2022/maint-turner-0342-1022-v01.pdf. It was requested to investigate whether 'enhanced StreamID' was an intentional term. It was added during the origin MSRP amendment and the word 'enhanced' was considered insignificant. It was also agreed to add a cross reference to StreamID ( in the last paragraph of StreamID group. A new version of the contribution was uploaded with these changes and there was no objection to the proposed changes. See: https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2023/maint-turner-0342-0223-v01.pdf. Next step is to determine a vehicle to incorporate the changes. Technical experts review
2023-05-16 16 May 2023 Interim The TG agreed that sufficient detail has been provided in the contribution for an editor to make the proposed changes. It was agreed that the priority of the change does not warrant making the change as soon as possible, so this request will be held for the next Q-Revision Complete then Ballot