Minutes for 0354: Clarify the difference responsible entities in the Request Response message exchange for Fully Centralized w.r.t. other models

Standard: IEEE P802.1Q-2022 Clause: 46.2.2 Draft with fix: Status: Withdrawn
Submitter: Rodrigo Ferreira Coelho Date: 2023-01-10 Rationale: This clause presents a small bulleted list with the entities responsible...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2023-02-17 21 Feb 2023 Concall Dear Paul, Jessy and Glenn I would like to withdraw my change request number <https://www.802-1.org/items/464> 0354. On the one hand I believe that my proposal provides a clearer formulation for the fully centralized and fully distributed models. On the other hand it leaves the mixed mode out. Since I could not find a better formulation than the one currently present in the standard which covers all these models, I propose to withdraw my change request. Best regards, Rodrigo Withdrawn