Minutes for 0363: IEEE 802.1Q-2022 maximum SDU size

Standard: IEEE 802.1Q-2022 Clause: Draft with fix: Status: Technical experts review
Submitter: Christian Boiger Date: 2023-07-21 Rationale: The specification of the maximum SDU size filter does not mentioned what...
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Date Meeting Text Status
2023-09-12 12 Sep 2023 Interim It was suggested that the proposed text may not suffice and that measurement points may need to be identified. Further discussion needed. Technical experts review
2024-01-23 23 Jan 2024 Interim The submitter will provide a presentation in Denver. At that point we will determine next steps. Technical experts review
2024-03-12 12 Mar 2024 Plenary The submitter provided the presentation: https://www.ieee802.org/1/files/public/docs2024/qrev-boiger-maintenance-item-363-max-sdu-size-filter-0324-v01.pdf Disposition: We will adopt this proposal in principle, but continue to wordsmith the note as quickly as possible. The intended vehicle is 802.1Q-2022Rev which has a July deadline for draft text. Technical experts review