All 802.1 Maintenance Items

Number Status Submitted Standard Clause Subject Draft with fix
Published 2015-05-12 802.1AE-2006 Writeability of certain 802.1AE-2006 MIB variables 802.1AEcg Show
Published 2015-01-06 802.1Q-2014 Link Aggregation TLVs and Managed Objects 802.1Q-2014/Cor-1 Show
Published 2015-05-18 802.1AX-2014 Multiple aggregators and IPL failure 802.1AX-2014/Cor-1 Show
0283 Complete then Ballot 2020-09-15 802.1AS-2020 1 Choose appropriate “domain number” or “domainNumber” Show
0316 Technical experts review 2021-04-12 IEEE 802.1CB 10 Scaling Parameters for FRER Show
0281 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 10 “Delay_Req” should be “Pdelay_Req” ASdm/d0.2 Show
0334 Complete then Ballot 2021-08-18 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 maintenance request: Error in clockSourcePhaseOffset Computation in ClockMasterSyncOffset State Machine Show
0159 Balloting 2015-02-26 802.1AS-2011 10.2.11 PortSyncSyncSend State Machine priority1 802.1AS-Rev Show
0288 Complete then Ballot 2020-10-29 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 10.2.1, 11.2.1 syncSequenceId is wrong state machine blocks AS-2020/Cor1/d1.0 Show
0138 Balloting 2014-05-13 802.1AS-2011 10.2.11, Figure 10-8 Sync messages can be sent too often 802.1AS-Rev Show