4 May 2021 Interim Meeting

Location: WebEx Minutes
Number Status Submitted Standard Clause Subject Draft
0314 Technical experts review 2021-03-04 IEEE Std 802.1Qcc-2018 various network media and PHY Show
0313 Complete then Ballot 2021-03-04 IEEE Std 802.1Qcc-2018 First frame of the stream Q-Rev/d1.1 Show
Rejected 2021-02-22 IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 and IEEE Std 802.1Qcr-2020 802.1Q: Resolution of stream filters with wildcard stream_handle specification Show
0310 Technical experts review 2021-02-22 802.1AC-2016 13.1 Preemption in 802.1AC Show
0309 Technical experts review 2021-02-22 IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018 plus amendments 6.7.1 Preemption in 802.1Q Show
0306 Complete then Ballot 2020-12-08 802.1Qcp-2018 Add "derived-from-or-self" to the IEEE 802.1Q bridge YANG for compatibility with interfaces derived from ethernetCsmacd Q-Rev/D0.5 Show
0278 Complete then Ballot 2020-08-11 802.1AS-2020 5.4.2 Inconsistent Clause 5 and PICS with respect to state machines ASdm/d0.5 Show
0272 Balloting 2020-07-14 802.1Q-2018 34.5 Misuse of the word, "default" in 802.1Q-2018 clause 34.5 802.1Q-Rev/D0.4 Show
0271 Balloting 2020-07-07 802.1Q-2018 8.6.8 Default configuration for bridges that support credit-based shaper 802.1Q-Rev/D0.4 Show
0252 Balloting 2020-01-15 802.1Q-2018 17 802.1Q-2018 Clause 17 MIB 802.1Q-Rev/D0.4 Show